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About Pixo

Pixo is a full-featured photo editor that is available for integration into any website or app. It supports basic image editing such as adding stickers & text, applying filters & frame, removing background, crop, rotate, etc. The image editor provides more advanced editing such as adjusting RGB, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation. But that's not all, because features list continue with free drawing on top of your photos. Pixo also supports batch editing, as well as templates. Integration is very easy. You can find examples how to integrate Pixo Image Editor into the most popular frameworks & libraries such as React, Vue, or Angular. We also have a tutorial for integration into iOS app. Pixo Image Editor supports all modern browsers and is available both for desktop and mobile. There is also a REST API that allows you to manipulate images server-side. Go ahead and check our Documentation and see Pixo's rich photo editing API in action!

What makes Pixo the best choice for you

There are several advantages which make Pixo stand in front of its competitors

  • Rich feature set Pixo Image Editor has all most common image editing features, and even more; you have full control over which features to use and which not
  • Easier integration You integrate the app within couple of minutes; our blog has many examples for integration using most popular frameworks and libraries
  • Always up to date Because Pixo Image Editor is online service, whenever we release new feature, or fix a bug, you don't have to update
  • You don't host anything You don't have to download and host anything, just add the initialization code snippet
  • Full white-label support Thanks to our customization API



We constantly extend and improve our image editor and the API with the coolest features and functionality. Still, our base features include:

A common functionality of image editors is the ability to add text. Therefore, our Image Editor provides great choice of various handsome fonts.

This is the most basic, yet powerful image editing feature. For instance, you can adjust multiple channels such as RGB, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation. Also there are many more tools with which you can get the desired look of your photos.

Image filters are the most used feature of every image editor. Therefore, we provide a great selection of Instagram-like image filters.


Just like image filters, stickers are the next most popular feature of image editors. Therefore we provide a great variety of stickers collections. Moreover, you can use our image editing API and provide custom stickers to your users!

Is there an image editor which lacks such feature? No, because drawing is in the base of image editing. Use brush or spray, set width, shadow, and more.

Removes or replaces the background of the image. Completely remove background, or replace it with solid color, or choose another background from a list of stock images.



The very base image editor functionality. Free crop or set a pre-defined crop size (e.g. Facebook cover), rotate & flip the image.

Applying a shape to an image acts more or less like a mask. The image becomes visible only within the shape fill; the rest of the image becomes transparent.

Applying frame to an image makes it look & feel more like a real photo!


Pixo is available to WordPress too!

Try the Image Editor

Test Pixo with your favorite images and see it in action!


Pixo Image Editor offers nice & easy to use image editing API

Integrating Pixo is as easy as:

<img id="myimage" src="myimage.png" />
<script src="https://pixoeditor.com/editor/scripts/bridge.m.js"></script>
   var image = document.getElementById('myimage');
   image.onload = function(){
      var editor = new Pixo.Bridge({apikey: 'abc123xyz000'});

Click to see Documentation for full API


• Our subscriptions include fixed maximum amount of edited images per month*
• We offer free 30-day full-featured trial period



Per Month

  • 100 saved images/month
  • limited features
    • only basic image filters
    • seasonal stickers not included
    • blur feature not included
    • shape feature not included
    • custom stickers, frames and crop-sizes APIs not supported
    • images won’t be upscaled for better quality during enlarge
    • only basic visual themes are supported
    • custom colors/logo not supported
    • no feature sets
    • no image optimization (no compression)
    • limited undo/redo (up to 20 steps back in history)
    • saved image dimensions up to 2MP



Per Month

  • premium image editing API support
  • full-featured image editor
  • 1000 saved images/month
  • $7/month for 12 months subscription billed once/year (total $84)
  • regular price $10/month (cancel anytime)



Per Month

  • premium image editing API support
  • full-featured image editor
  • 2500 saved images/month
  • $14/month for 12 months subscription billed once/year (total $168)
  • regular price $20/month (cancel anytime)

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and get the best price

  • premium image editing API support
  • full-featured image editor
  • large quota of saved images/month (incl. unlimited)
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* Edited image, or exported/saved image, means when you, or the end user, opens an image in Pixo for editing, applies some changes, and clicks the “Save” button. Regarding the REST API, 1 “save” equals to 1 API call.

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