Pixo editor mobile screenshot, you have everything just like in Aviary editor

About Pixo

Pixo is a full-featured image editor available for integration into any web app. It is a great alternative of the popular Aviary editor. It supports basic editing such as applying filters, adding text, crop, rotate, etc., as well as more advanced editing such as adjusting RGB, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and more. Pixo supports all modern browsers and is available both for desktop and mobile.

Aviary alternative

Pixo offers similar API to Aviary, hence becoming great replacement of it.


We constantly extend Pixo with the coolest features and functionality. Our base features include:

Add text to images, choose between various handsome fonts

Adjust multiple channels such as RGB, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and many more until you get the desired look

Apply pre-defined Instagram-like image filters


Insert stickers to your images from a variety of collections

Free draw on top of your images

Remove red-eyes effect from your photos (coming soon)

Try Pixo

Test Pixo with your favourite images and see it in action!


Pixo offers nice & easy to use API

Integrating Pixo is as easy as:

<img id="myimage" src="myimage.png" />
<script src="https://pixoeditor.com:8443/editor/scripts/bridge.m.js"></script>
   var image = document.getElementById('myimage');
   image.onload = function(){
      var editor = new Pixo.Bridge({apikey: 'abc123xyz000'});

Click Here to check Documentation page for full API

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