2022: What’s new

We haven’t posted anything for a very long time. This does not mean that we did nothing, though 😉 There are plenty of new APIs & features that we implemented and released since the beginning of 2022. Here are the most interesting ones.


Improvements in REST & Editor APIs

After we released the Background tool, we also added APIs for it. Check the REST API and Editor API documentations for more info.

Custom fonts API

You can now amend stock fonts in Pixo, or completely replace them with your own collection! Check the example.

Empty canvas

You can now init Pixo Editor with empty canvas, either transparent or with solid background color.


You can now specify the Unit to be used in all measured user inputs (like in Crop). Can be one of the following: “px” (default), “cm” or “in”.

Editing Tools

Eraser brush

Users now can erase objects:

Shortcut keys

Users can now delete selected objects with del/backspace keys.

Autoresizable textarea in Text tool

Users can now add multiline text in the Text tool:

Improved objects rotation controls

Users can now see the rotation angle while rotating objects:

Objects opacity

Users can now control the opacity of objects:


Users can now toggle a grid over the canvas in order to position objects more precisely:

Clone objects

Users can now clone selected objects with the click of a control button:

New dictionaries

Danish (da-DK) and Dutch (nl-NL).

A lot of projects for customers

We did many integrations of Pixo into various customers’ projects. If you need custom integration and you are not a developer, or you need assistance – please do not hesitate to contact us.

We never stop

We also did a lot of other smaller bug fixes & improvements. We never stop improving the product & APIs.

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