Customized editor screenshot

Customize the look & feel of your Pixo Editor instances!

Hi folks,

Did you know that you are able to fully customize the look of Pixo? You can do that with the style configuration property. Pixo offers white-label support, so you can also set your own logo instead of Pixo’s!

Here’s a quick example:

         new Pixo.Bridge({
            apikey: apikey,
            type: 'modal',
            width: '75%',
            height: '75%',
            overlay: {
               color: 'rgba( 0, 0, 0, .8 )',
            styles: {
               logosrc: 'https://www.yoursite.com/images/logo.jpg',
               canvasbgcolor: 'white',
               editmenubgcolor: '#ccc',
               actionsmenubgcolor: '#ccc',
               propertiespanelbgcolor: '#999',
               textcolor: 'black',

Happy coding!