Pixo Image Editor

Pixo is now available in Russian!

Hi folks,

Here’s another translation available! It is Russian (ru-RU). If you need Pixo translated to this language, set it like this:

new Pixo.Bridge({
   language: 'ru-RU',

Special thanks to Evgeny Glazyrin, web programmer from Yoshkar-Ola, for translating.

If you want Pixo translated in your language, you can help!

Make Pixo on your web/hybrid app look native with iOS and Android themes!

We are happy to finally announce the release of Pixo Themes, which are available from quite some time (as beta). These are pre-defined colors & styles which you can include with just a single line in your Pixo instances. Take a quick preview:

“iOS” (premium)
“Android” (premium)

Together with the Default theme (the one that you are familiar pretty well with) there are also lighter and darker versions (Light and Dark).

There is a WordPress-style theme, suitable if you integrate Pixo in a WordPress site (BTW you may also check the Pixo WordPress plugin).

And yes, there are the iOS and Android themes, which make Pixo look more like native app!

How to use them

new Pixo.Bridge({
   theme: 'iOS', // Can be anything from the above, e.g. "WordPress", "Light", "Dark", "Android" 

iOS and Android are Premium themes and are not available in the FREE package.

Merry Christmas! Save up to 70%* on all packages

It is almost the end of the year. As usual, we added some Christmas-mood stickers to our stock collection, for your users. If you do not want them – you can remove them. Check the filterStickers API in the Documentation.

Save up to 70%* on all packages

It’s Christmas! And to do some good, we added discounts to all pre-paid packages. Check our Pricing section for more information.

Thank you for using Pixo! We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy New year!

* Discounts apply to all purchases made until Dec 31, 2019. Discounts apply to recurring payments for one year after the first payment. After that regular prices will be applied.


Compressing and optimizing saved images

We all know how important it is to have a fast web these days. The usual bottleneck for slower websites and apps is the uncompressed images. Starting off today, Pixo offers great image compression to all exported images as a premium feature. With the help of TinyPNG, one of the best image compression services, you will have compressed images to the max without any visual quality loss.

Image compression is disabled by default. The reason is simple: compressing images takes time and results in slower image export. To enable it add the following configuration to your Pixo instances:

new Pixo.Bridge({
   apikey: 'yourapikey',
   output: {
      optimize: true,


JPEG is proven as a very good image format resulting in high quality images with lowest possible kilobytes. But it has one major drawback – JPEG does not support transparency; PNG does – at the cost of too many kilobytes, or even megabytes.

Pixo has a great algorithm for detecting the best output format for the exported images in terms of higher quality and lower filesize. Unless you explicitly specify the desired image format of the output, this algorithm comes in action by default and chooses the best image format (JPEG or PNG) for the output image based on transparency, number of colors, gradients, and more.

Let us help you speed up the web!

With Pixo Premium you do not need to care more about image compression anymore!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week it’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Therefore:

  1. we deployed a thematic stickers pack
  2. we give you a special -50% discount on all packages!


They are available in all plans, so enjoy!

If you do not want them, you may consider filtering them by using our filterStickers and filterFrames APIs.

Black Friday -50% OFF

When purchasing new plan, use this promo code:


on the checkout page and this will give you -50% discount on all packages*. It can be combined with this November’s annual packages discounts, giving you a great price!

Use the code between Nov 25–29.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be good!

* Discount is applied only on the first subscription payment. Discount is not applied on recurring payments (subscription renewals).

Optimizing our response time

A few months ago we improved Pixo’s response time with smart routing. This optimizes routes across the network to deliver responses to your users more quickly, reliably, and securely. As a result, we got average speed improvement with almost 20%. You can see that yourself on our status page.

Speaking of status, you can observe Pixo’s status 24/7 on


This report is hosted on a 3rd party servers, so in case you are having troubles accessing Pixo’s service or website, you can check the report. We are proud with our 100% uptime 🙂

Remember November! Get discounts up to 66% on all subscriptions!

It’s almost the end of the year! We are giving a huge discounts on each annual subscription!

  • Small annual package: $120/year $100/year, that makes $8.33/month
  • Medium annual package: $360/year $240/year, that makes $20/month
  • Small annual package: $1620/year $550/year, that makes $45.83/month

Promotion applies only on annual subscriptions and ends November 30, 2019.

Discounts are applied only on the first subscription payment. Discounts are not applied on recurring payments (subscription renewals).

Happy Halloween!

As Halloween is upfront, we released a thematic stickers pack + bonus frame for your users. They are available in all plans, so enjoy!

If you are not a Halloween fan, you may consider filtering them by using our filterStickers and filterFrames APIs.