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Resizing images

At last! One of the most-wanted features is now live! End users can now resize images with Pixo. Enlarge or reduce them by manually setting the width or height, or select a pre-defined image size suitable for social media! But wait, that’s not all. Enlarging raster images leads to quality loss. Raster images are notRead More

WebP image support

We are happy to announce that Pixo now fully supports the WebP image format, both in the Image Editor and the REST Editing API. You can now send a webp image to Pixo Editor or the REST Editing API and get the final result again in webp or any other supported output format (png orRead More

2022: What’s new

We haven’t posted anything for a very long time. This does not mean that we did nothing, though 😉 There are plenty of new APIs & features that we implemented and released since the beginning of 2022. Here are the most interesting ones. APIs Improvements in REST & Editor APIs After we released the BackgroundRead More

Background tool

We’re extremely happy to announce a new feature we’ve been working on for quite so long! Let us present to you our new exciting end-user tool – Background! Removing background of images using machine learning (ML) is very popular these days. Our brand new Background tool does exactly this. But that’s not all! End usersRead More

Object order controls

We are happy to announce that we finally implemented z-order controls in Pixo! These controls allow your end users to change the z-order of every object (Text, Sticker, Shape): move it to the very top move one level up move one level down move it to the very bottom Many users were asking us forRead More

2020’s updates to Pixo Image Editor

This year went crazy due to COVID-19 disease. Just like many other companies, we experienced and continue to experience hard times too. Still, we did not stop to deliver small but handy updates to the Image Editor, although we did not announce them here. But we will fix that – below you will find aRead More

Session restore

Did you ever close the Pixo Editor by accident, and all your edits gone away? Or did you ever quickly hit Save and few seconds later wanted to undo a change, but loading the exported image simply started a new session? Well, we are happy to tell you that this is now over! Few daysRead More

Custom user stickers are now available

We just released another most-wanted feature (thanks to your votes). This is the custom user stickers. Your users are now able to insert stickers (or technically any image) from their local device or from URL. See it in action: Don’t forget to vote for your next most-wanted feature!