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Customizing styles: custom stylesheet

As you know, when integrating Pixo you can customize its look & feel by setting colors and backgrounds of the main components. We’ve been asked by a couple of customers to allow styling of even more & smaller components, like form elements, buttons, etc. Instead, today we provide hook for attaching custom stylesheets. This willRead More

Upcoming features

What are your most wanted features?

We are ready with the list of features we want to implement in Pixo in the near future. Now, you have the power to determine what’s your most wanted ones, so we can start with them! In this form we ask you to determine the importance of each feature we plan to implement. These determined asRead More

Pixo is now available in Brazilian Portuguese!

Hi folks, Here’s another translation available! It is Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR). If you need Pixo translated to this language, set it like this: new Pixo.Bridge({ language: ‘pt-BR’, }); Special thanks to Edelcio Molina (CEO, SimplificaCI) for translating. If you want Pixo translated in your language, you can help!

Update on recent changes

Hi folks, Long time no hear… But we keep ourselves busy 🙂 Here’s a list with some recent improvements. Improved loading If you send to the editor url to image to be edited, the url’s domain should be either the same as your site, or should have CORS enabled. Pixo requires servers to serve imagesRead More

Help us internationalize Pixo

Hi folks, Pixo is used worldwide, and it will be great if it can be translated into multiple languages. That’s why we added ability to configure the editor in specific language. However, we lack of translations. Therefore, we kindly ask you to help us translate it. How to help Download sample JSON translation file Rename theRead More

Improved Property panel

Hi, At Pixo we’re constantly working on improving Editor’s user experience in parallel with the new features and extensions. It is very important for us to know that your users (a.k.a. our end users) are happy with it and use it with ease. Therefore, from time to time we organize groups of people and observeRead More

IMPORTANT: Testing Pixo integration locally

When you are integrating Pixo into your product, you’ll want to test it first before it goes to production. There is a catch you need to know when you test with locally hosted images. Editing remote images with Pixo When you open Pixo with image url, it is very important that the image url: belongsRead More

Pixo is now in WordPress!

Hello devs, A WordPress plugin that integrates Pixo was just released. With this plugin you can edit your Media images with Pixo instead of the default built-in image editor. Pixo allows you to do much more with your images. The plugin is compatible with WordPress version 4+ and php 5.2+ (both dating for quite long).Read More

Customized editor screenshot

Customize the look & feel of your Pixo Editor instances!

Hi folks, Did you know that you are able to fully customize the look of Pixo? You can do that with the style configuration property. Pixo offers white-label support, so you can also set your own logo instead of Pixo’s! Here’s a quick example: new Pixo.Bridge({ apikey: apikey, type: ‘modal’, width: ‘75%’, height: ‘75%’, overlay:Read More

Confirmation email screenshot

Don’t forget to confirm your registration!

When you sign up for API key, a confirmation email will be sent to you.   You have to confirm your email by clicking on the confirmation link. This will guarantee the proper integration of the editor in your web app. In case you don’t get such confirmation email check your Spam folder login toRead More