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Performance optimizations

After the announcement that we dropped support of Internet Explorer, we did a code clean-up, removing all polyfills and compatibility code blocks. As a result, our integration file bridge.m.js (the one that you include in your web pages) got reduced with 21%, and the script resources that are loaded when the Editor is opened got reducedRead More

Doubled server resources

This month we started to experience peaks of performance degradation in Pixo’s usage several times. This resulted in huge latency, even outages: Nov 04 2020 07:50 AM UTC – 08:05 AM UTC (15 min) Nov 12 2020 01:26 AM UTC – 02:21 AM UTC (55 min) Nov 18 2020 02:49 AM UTC – 03:36 AM UTC (47Read More

Optimizing our response time

A few months ago we improved Pixo’s response time with smart routing. This optimizes routes across the network to deliver responses to your users more quickly, reliably, and securely. As a result, we got average speed improvement with almost 20%. You can see that yourself on our status page. Speaking of status, you can observe Pixo’sRead More

Performance optimizations

Hi folks! We are happy to announce that this week we deployed a couple of performance optimizations, resulting in greater response on low-end hardware, such as old smartphones. Results of our tests showed that Pixo is now 4 times faster in terms of applying image effects, adjustments, and blur. These are great results! Another great improvement is imageRead More