Upcoming features

Upcoming features

Hi devs,

We’re constantly extending Pixo with great features. We are posting in the blog every time when a new feature has been released. Keep an eye on the RSS feed so you get informed about the latest cool releases.

Here’s a list of what’s coming next. (Updated Sep 3, 2019)

✔ Ability to add frame to images

This feature will allow end users to wrap their images inside picture frames.

(Released on Feb 11, 2019)

✔ Ability to set focus point

End users will be able to set the focus to specific area of the edited image and blur the rest of it.

(Released on Apr 3, 2019)

✔ More image filters

People love filters. Currently we have some basic, we will enlarge our collection with more very soon. However, we will try to keep them up to 20. Having a great variety is good, but also too many choices may confuse the user. Sometimes having a limited choice is better than hundreds of options.

(Released on Mar 15, 2019)

✔ API to provide custom stickers collection

Feature for you, devs! We are planning to provide you API to extend our base collection of stickers with your own, as well as filter it, or completely replace it.

(Released on Jan 16, 2019)

✔ Ability to apply shape to images

This feature will allow end users to apply different shapes as masks to their images.

(Released on Jul 26, 2019)

API to provide custom filters

Another feature for you, devs! We will let you implement your own image filters, so you can extend the base collection, or completely replace it!

Multi-language support

Load Pixo into your preferred language!

(Released on Feb 12, 2019)

API for batch editing

Pass list of images to Pixo for batch editing; the user will edit the first one, and Pixo will apply the changes to all!

What’s your most wanted feature?

Please write us using our contact form and let us know what features you would like to see in Pixo!