Our paid service is now available


As announced a month ago, Pixo becomes paid starting effectively today. Pricing plans can be found in the “Pricing” section in this website.

One change we had to introduce regarding pricing was the fact that yearly subscriptions will be charged once, in full, and not on monthly basis, as initially announced. The reason is the fact that we had to change our payments gateway partner in the last minute. The new partner (2checkout) does not support this model, unfortunately.

All existing users, registered prior today, will be considered as new users and will get 30-day free trial. During this trial, you can purchase a plan, and cancel it anytime. Plans can be purchased from the Control Panel –> Projects, per project, by clicking the Subscription button:

If you cannot determine which plan best suits your needs, don’t worry – you have 30 days trial period, during which you can observe your usage, again through Control Panel –> Projects, per project, by clicking the View button:

You may select a range by using the date picker, and see how many images your users saved:

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us ASAP.

We wish to thank you for using Pixo as your Image Editor. We will do our best to continue improving and extending it with new functionalities. In the next couple of days we will announce our next upcoming features, so stay tuned!

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