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What are your most wanted features?

(updated Apr 20, 2020)

We are ready with the list of features we want to implement in Pixo in the near future. Now, you have the power to determine what’s your most wanted ones, so we can start with them! In this form we ask you to determine the importance of each feature we plan to implement. These determined as most wanted by you will be implemented sooner than the others.

And here is the list with the planned features, and their descriptions:

Image Zoom In/Out

The ability to zoom the edited image will allow users to precisely edit small parts for it, for example erase some tiny text or improve faces using the Drawing tools. Users will be able to double or triple zoom small images, or zoom large images to their actual size, and see specific region.

Additional Text features

Rich text editing features, such as:

  • Text background-color
  • Line height
  • Letter spacing
  • Text shadow
  • Text stroke
  • Superscript / subscript
  • Text-fill Pattern

(This is available since Sep 30, 2019)

Custom Stickers from File or URL

Together with our stock collection (or your custom stickers collection) users can choose to upload sticker from their file system or URL.

(This is available since Dec 20, 2019)


Users like creating collages – combining multiple photos in one. See Examples.

Additional Stock Filters

  • Vibrance
  • Denoise
  • Unsharp
  • Vignette
  • Exposure
  • Gamma
  • SoftContrast

+ ability to configure filter strength via <input type="range" />

Image Resizing

Resize image (enlarge, reduce) manually + pre-defined image sizes (Facebook/Twitter cover, etc.).

Image Perspective

Drag to change image perspective.

Replace Background

Users will be able to replace the original background of the edited photo with another one – either choose from stock backgrounds or upload custom image background. Or simply replace with solid color.

Batch Editing API

You provide a list with images to edit. User edits just the first one, then Pixo smartly replicates changes to the batch!

(This is available since Apr 9, 2020)

Custom Filters API

This API will allow you to implement additional image filters.

Custom Shapes API

This API will allow you to implement additional shapes.

What are your most wanted features?

Fill in the form, and the features with most votes will be implemented sooner!

One thought on “What are your most wanted features?

  • Jasim says on October 2, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    Our new dating website requires full control of Stickers such as resizing the stickers and rotating them to fit the user face. For example, eye glasses are hard to rezising them or rotate to fit on the user nose. Our suggestion is to use two finger touches to resize and rotate the stickers.


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