Session restore

Did you ever close the Pixo Editor by accident, and all your edits gone away? Or did you ever quickly hit Save and few seconds later wanted to undo a change, but loading the exported image simply started a new session? Well, we are happy to tell you that this is now over!

Few days ago we released a great feature of the editor – Session Restore. Pixo now automatically restores the previous session of an image, allowing you to get back in history (Undo), change settings, update text, remove existing stickers, anything. Just as if you didn’t quit your previous session. This works for both saved and unsaved images.

The great thing about Session Restore is the fact that it is fully configurable. You can define which session types to be restored (e.g. only saved images, or only unsaved) or remove it completely. Here are few examples:

new Pixo.Bridge({
   // This disables the Session Restore feature
   sessionrestore: false,
   // This disables the Session Restore feature for saved images only
   sessionrestore: {
      saved: false,
   // This disables the Session Restore feature for unsaved
   // (closed without save) images only
   sessionrestore: {
      unsaved: false,
   // This disables the default prompt for Session Restore
   // and restores the session immediately
   sessionrestore: {
      saved: { prompt: false },
      unsaved: { prompt: false },

By default Pixo restores sessions for both saved and unsaved images, and prompts the user for that.

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