Background tool

We’re extremely happy to announce a new feature we’ve been working on for quite so long! Let us present to you our new exciting end-user tool – Background!

Removing background of images using machine learning (ML) is very popular these days. Our brand new Background tool does exactly this. But that’s not all! End users can not only remove the background of photos, but also can replace it with a solid color, or with another background image. They can browse a rich stock image collection (powered by Unsplash) as well as to upload their custom image to be used as a background of the edited photo.

Removing the background

Background removing is possible thanks to ML. This is expensive operation and takes some time, usually a couple of seconds. During this time end users see a progress message.

Is it a Premium feature?

Yes. The Background tool is a Premium feature, which means that it is available in all paid subscriptions as well as during trial period. FREE accounts do not have access to this tool.

Will it cost extra?

At the moment of the release – no. However, down the road we may decide to make this feature cost extra, one way or another – either apply some pay-per-use, or create extra subscription plans on top of the current ones.

Will I get extra charged without notice?

Definitely not! If we ever decide to make the Background tool cost extra, you will have the choice to upgrade your subscription and start using it, or to keep your current plan and not use the Background tool respectfully.

We wish you a Merry Christmas…

…and a Happy New Year! As usual, our Christmas Stickers pack is now available to end users.

Be well and thanks for choosing Pixo!

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