Our brand new Editing API is now available

We’re really happy to announce the official release of our most wanted and long awaited Editing API! It is available right now!

You can check our Editing API docs and see what can be done via this API. Basically it allows you to programmatically manipulate Pixo Editor and the image. You can define settings in each Feature’s Property Panel; or you can manipulate the image, by inserting stickers, text, or applying a filter, shape or frame.

The magic happens thanks to the new exec method of Pixo.Bridge.

You can check the API docs, or you may have a look at this example in order to see the new Editing API in action. In the example you will see Pixo Editor with hidden internal controls (Actions Menu, Edit Menu, Property Panel); instead, the end user is able to draw on the image and crop it from external controls that live in your application!

The Editing API is something that will be constantly extended with new cool API commands. Stay tuned for updates!

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