Editing API

Our Editing API is finally out now! With it, you can manipulate images server-side. It supports most of the features of the Editor, and guarantees you the exact same result as if the image was edited in Pixo Editor.

Check out the Editing API documentation page for more info.

Single API key

You can use both the Editing API and the client-side Image Editor with the same API key. You can, of course, create new API key for server-side projects. But it will require a new subscription.

API keys can be protected both by domain and IP address.


There are a couple of features to be added soon:

  • Background API – remove background, or replace it with solid color or another image
  • Drawing shapes
  • Free drawing


The Editing API is not available for FREE accounts.

We wish you a happy New year

This project was the biggest one for this year. We are very happy that we managed to release it, even though in the very last day of 2021. The past two years were extremely hard for all of us. Let’s hope that 2022 will be a much better one. We will continue our work on exciting new features. Stay healthy, and have a happy New 2022!

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