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Session restore

Did you ever close the Pixo Editor by accident, and all your edits gone away? Or did you ever quickly hit Save and few seconds later wanted to undo a change, but loading the exported image simply started a new session? Well, we are happy to tell you that this is now over! Few daysRead More

Configurable actions

We are happy to announce that the Actions Menu of the Editor (Save, Close, Undo/Redo) is now configurable. This can be done with the new actions configuration in Pixo.Bridge: new Pixo.Bridge({ …, actions: [ … ], }); The default value can be seen as the Pixo.ACTIONS_MENU constant. It is array, containing 4 objects: Pixo.ACTIONS.SAVE_CLOSE Pixo.ACTIONS.UNDO Pixo.ACTIONS.REDO Pixo.ACTIONS.CLOSERead More

Pixo is now available in Russian!

Hi folks, Here’s another translation available! It is Russian (ru-RU). If you need Pixo translated to this language, set it like this: new Pixo.Bridge({ language: ‘ru-RU’, }); Special thanks to Evgeny Glazyrin, web programmer from Yoshkar-Ola, for translating. If you want Pixo translated in your language, you can help!

Custom user stickers are now available

We just released another most-wanted feature (thanks to your votes). This is the custom user stickers. Your users are now able to insert stickers (or technically any image) from their local device or from URL. See it in action: Don’t forget to vote for your next most-wanted feature!

Compressing and optimizing saved images

We all know how important it is to have a fast web these days. The usual bottleneck for slower websites and apps is the uncompressed images. Starting off today, Pixo offers great image compression to all exported images as a premium feature. With the help of TinyPNG, one of the best image compression services, you willRead More

Happy Halloween!

As Halloween is upfront, we released a thematic stickers pack + bonus frame for your users. They are available in all plans, so enjoy! If you are not a Halloween fan, you may consider filtering them by using our filterStickers and filterFrames APIs.

New text features

Almost month ago we asked you which are your most wanted new features. Most votes were for extending Text controls. Therefore, we did it! We added a lot of new options to the Text plugin of the editor: Text background-color Line height Letter spacing Text shadow Text stroke Superscript / subscript Text-fill Pattern Also, weRead More